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Our game designers places equal emphasis on full-cycle game production from inception, co-generation of gaming solutions through highly productive teamwork, and speedy and effective game porting. Entrust your idea to a game development company that can illuminate the gaming business with real stars. Our team's expertise enables us to cover all gaming platforms and create an exceptional product that suits the customer's vision and the preferences of the gamers.



Windstar Games is a notable Game Development company that applies a unique and unorthodox development technique to each game genre while developing game concepts into real-world experience games. Our objective is to highlight exceptional customer service for all clients across the globe, while focusing on the foundations of integrity, trust, and quality. Why should you choose Windstar Games to develop your game? We have over fifty exceptionally qualified professionals. Over eight years of expertise in the global Game Development market. Our internal business controls, such as the use of Jira and Project Managers on each project, ensure that the financial and legal aspects of a project never interfere with its creative process.

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Our commitment to providing exceptional services reflects in our documented achievements.
Our employees also help us in achieving our success, as we give them the best training in the industry.
We have many successful projects which our clients love.

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If you are looking for games, VR, AR, and UI/UX development services that are the best in the industry, you should hurry
and get our team. We invest in quality services, helping your business compete favourably.


Game Development

Gaming plays a huge part in people's lives. We have many people globally spending their time on laptops, engaging in different exciting games. To a business that wants to invest in creating a game, the market is readily available, and it is a business opportunity that no one should miss. We have game developers and game development firms, earning billions of dollars by effectively utilizing this opportunity. You can be a part of this team if you get developers that can create a game for you that will help you develop a game that can attract many users and earn a lot of profit. Here at Windstar games, we can help in the development of such a game. We have a team that can create high-quality games for different platforms. We only settle for quality, and we develop games that have people glued to their phones or laptops. Join the many clients that we have served across the globe today by getting our services.

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AR Development

The future of gaming and entertainment could be brightened by the implementation of augmented reality. An augmented reality game development company with considerable experience in reality technology, Windstar Games creates exciting and engaging games for mobile devices, smart glasses, and headsets. Whether it's basic geolocation-based smartphone games or high-end first-person shooters with support for smart glasses, our team of professional augmented reality game developers has done it all.

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VR Development

Virtual Reality is one of the most significant technological advancements of recent years and is currently being widely adopted across a variety of industries. Virtual reality is a highly specialized niche that necessitates an in-depth grasp of numerous platforms, making the development of virtual reality apps fraught with unique difficulties. Windstar Games, one of the most experienced virtual reality development firms, offers bespoke VR development solutions for a variety of entertainment, healthcare, real estate, education, technology, and military applications.

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UI/UX Design

Improving how customers interact with your products and services will lead to more sales and improved customer loyalty. Some key factors concerning UI/UX design are; site loading time and visuals. You want your digital platform to load fast and have eye-catching visuals, so you can capture your potential customers and convert them to loyal consumers. Get our UI/UX designers to work on your site/ application to ensure that it runs smoothly and allows your customers to quickly interact with it. If you want your site/app to feel more welcoming to your customers, get our UI/UX design services today.

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Our Process

How do we deliver to our clients ?

We engage in a process aiming to deliver the best results. You are the one to take the first step and present us with your project.
With the project in our hands, we gather together as a team and combine our ideas on how to go about it. After successfully developing
the project, we test it to ensure it is of the right quality.We then help you get the project running in your business,
and if you need support setting the project, you can count on us to give it.





Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance





Our Portfolio

Our Latest Projects

Over the years, we have completed numerous projects. We are still in business, and we have a 100% success rate making
us the best in the industry. Check some of our latest successful projects below. Note that your project can be on this list,
and all you have to do is get in touch.

Marcopolo Game

Marcopolo Game

Education Game

Our interactive educational lessons start with a journey with a group of fun-loving animated characters. And we add new lessons and fun activities every week so that the fun and learning never ends!

Marcopolo Game SS
Cookie Blast

Cookie Blast

Puzzle Game

Cookie Blast with 100+ levels of gameplay and diverse scenarios Eliminate cookies in one row with variety of props. Mesmerizing UI & terrific animation. Color-changing Cookies help eliminate other colored cookies in a trice!

Cookie Blast
Art Of Work by Microsoft

Art Of Work by Microsoft


Microsoft Immersive VR Device the power of the intelligent cloud in the hands of pioneering artists. Re-imagined as world-class art installations telling stories of how UK businesses are harnessing these technologies together to transform how their businesses work

Art Of Work by Microsoft
Black Jack

Black Jack

Poker Card game

Blackjack is a casino banked game, meaning that players compete against the house rather than each other. The objective is to get a hand total of closer to 21 than the dealer without going over 21 (busting). At the start of a Blackjack game, the players and the dealer receive two cards

Black Jack
Basket ball AR

Basket ball AR

AR Application

AR Basketball Game - AR Game is based on augmented reality which works with your camera and other sensors. AR Basketball augmented reality game is one of most addictive game. In the trend of Augmented Reality you will enjoy this basketball shooter game.

Basket ball AR
Ludo Game

Ludo Game

Board Game

Real Ludo is a real-time, family-friendly, online board with 2 dice game that will revive your childhood memories.

Ludo Game
Client’s Testimonial

What Our core client say ?

We encourage clients to give their feedback. The client's feedback encourages us to continue providing exceptional services.
Our hard work has gifted us with happy clients who give positive reviews. We hope to make more clients happy,
and we hope you give us the chance to make you happy.

  • Digi Bricks
  • Silexys
  • Foremost Digital
  • The Fine Artz Team
  • Intelivita
  • Insightech AI Solutions
  • Great Company, i have consulted them to develop 3D Games for my business and they did tremendous job.. and delivered very high quality work.. Recommended for any kind of unity game design and development work..!!


    Imran Mansuri

    Co. Founder of Digi-Brick

  • I am working with WindStar since long time and I am very happy with timely delivery and quick response.They are fabulous team full of unique Ideas.They always provides best possible cost effective solution.I strongly recommend them to all of you.


    Bhaumik Shah

    Co Founder of Silexys

  • Excellent communication, and willingness to go the extra mile to make sure the work is perfect. What's more, we wanted some changes at the last moment. And they did that too!

    Foremost Digital

    Dharmik Patel

    Co Founder of Foremost Digital

  • The team at Windstargames are a pleasure to work with. The website and APP development work was high quality and the team always went the the extra mile to ensure all elements were addressed on time. We highly recommend Wind Star games for your next project.

    FineArtz Team

    David Clair

    The FineArtz Team

  • We have been working with Windstargames and Imroz for about 6 years now.They have worked with us on numerous projects now and work for each project has been exceptional.Exceptional requirement analysis, turn around time, project management, launch and post launch support and maintenance. They are not only in it for money - their aim is to provide you with a great product and it shows.


    Tuhin Bhatt

    CTO Intelivita

  • "They made an excellent product for us in AR and VR segment . They were extremely dedicated, they communicated effectively, provided awesome design and above all, delivered a perfect bug-free work. The team was available always for support."

    Insightech AI Solutions, India


    CEO , Insightech AI Solutions, India

Technology Stack

We use the latest technology

Without technology, we cannot function, and that's why we keep updating the technology we use to provide our services.
If you want to have the latest technology employed in your project, schedule a call now, and talk to us.

Our clients

Clients Who have Trusted us

We value all of our clients, and our target is to make sure we make their project a success. Some clients have decided to
stick with us and put all their trust in us, and we treasure them. We can also earn your trust if you give us a chance.
You will be fascinated by the lengths we go through to ensure your project is successful.

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